About Us

Massy Distribution (Trinidad) evolved from Marketing & Distribution on the 30th June 2014 when Neal & Massy was rebranded to MASSY. The company was originally formed on 1st July 1994 when three companies, GrellTaurell Limited, Geo F Huggins & Company Limited and T. Geddes Grant (Trinidad) Limited were merged to form Marketing & Distribution. Each company had a combined business history of more than 100 years.


Today, Massy Distribution (Trinidad) is one of the premier distributors in Trinidad & Tobago and is a subsidiary of the MASSY Group which has group companies throughout the Caribbean region. .


Massy Distribution uses a Brand Management structure, where each brand has a dedicated manager to ensure its success. The Sales team consists of sales reps and van sales reps. We employ more than 150 Merchandisers who are responsible for merchandising more than 110 stores nationwide.


We have four locations in Trinidad and Tobago. Our head office and our Main Warehouse are located in Trincity. Our South office, which houses Pharmaceuticals, Food & General Merchandise, the Agri & Industrial Showroom as well as being the base for the Cigarette Dept which handles the distribution of cigarettes for WITCO in Central and South Trinidad is located at #118 Cipero Road, Golconda in San Fernando. Our fourth office is on the sister isle of Tobago.


The Massy Distribution facility comprises more than 214, 000 sq ft of warehousing space, this includes air conditioned rooms, refrigerated cold rooms, a hand held Warehouse Management System and bonded facilities. In 2004 we became ISO 9001 certified, and this process helped develop the systems that are in place currently and which are always being evaluated and updated. Our annual revenue generated is in excess of US $200 million.


We provide 100% distribution on both islands, servicing all supermarkets, groceries, pharmacies, hospitals, doctors, variety stores, photo studios, wholesalers, hardware stores, agricultural shops and industries, farmers, hotels, restaurants, and duty free outlets including embassies. We also work closely with our sister company, Massy Stores, which consists of 21 outlets and is the largest supermarket chain in the country.